šŸŒ²Tropical RainforestšŸŒ²

By chris Alvarez and Anna Aguirre

šŸŒ²Amazing facts about the rainforesšŸŒ²


Average temperature-93.

Average precipitation-50-200.

Are the seasons-no season.

Location-near equator.

5-10 plants-banana tree, orchid, coffe tree, Brazil nut tree, poinsettia.

5-10 animals-capuchin monkey, flying fox, hawk, lemur, Woolley monkey.

One adaptation that helps plants survive-plants have the adaption that shed water weighing out their leave so it can't break

One adaption animal that to make them survive-they survive but eating plants and camouflage and eating other animals

Threats of biome- cutting all trees

Cause-and-effect of threat-all animal homes are destroyed