Automotive Designer

(car designing)


I need to have a bachelors degree then I have to take transportation design course in collage. You also need to be good at math for aerodynamics. Mechanical knowledge is really really useful because sometimes you help out with the safety design.


You usually work around 8 - 12 hours a day . Depending on experience you can get 60,000 to 200,000 a year. With all of the math involved you really need to double check your work. I may have to work on week ends .


I'm going to work in a big building. I may have to move if get a job at foreign company like ferrari or volts wagon i most likely will move. If I don't move theres is going to be travel involved. Travel all depends on which company I work at.


I need to be really good at math to calculate all of the aerodynamic and how it should preform. But what I do need to be great is sketching drawings of what it would look like. I shouldn't need to be doing any heavy lifting. There are not any physical requirements like height or strength.