No Promises in the Wind

Will to survive

Title of Book

The title of the book, No Promises in the Wind, is about two brothers who are always by each other's side. They live during the time of the Great Depression. The no promises means that nobody will know what will happen in the future, therefore they can't promise anything. The wind is like the harsh, cold times. The main character, Josh, and his little brother, Joey, are living day to day trying to survive.

Conflict and outcome

This book is Man vs. Society, because everyone is trying to earn money in a pour country. This relates to the theme because nobody can promise anybody, anything. Nobody can promise because they have no hope in the Great Depression. An example of this would be when Joey and Josh need food people ask them if they want to eat with them. They often say no, but with one couple they said yes.

Character's remarks (words) and/or actions

In the middle of the beginning of the book, a couple invites the 2 to dinner. This shows that people help others survive. If it weren't for that couple helping them, they may not have made it by. They were also asked by other, but they said no to them. The 2 hope to get a job and earn money soon, because if they don't, things will be harder for them.

Contrasts between characters

Josh and Joey may be brother, but they have differences. Joey is a lot stronger about things than Josh is. Josh is smarter with things. This relates to the theme because more people with different characteristics can help survive. Josh helps them get through rough times.