Radon Man/Hingle McCringleberry

By: Cody Dodds

How He Became Radon Man

Hingle McCringleberry was just your every day plumber. One day while working in a nearby factory, he heard a loud explosion and heard a gas pipe leaking gas. He started to get dizzy and passed out, waking up feeling very different. He realized he had amazing super powers! He then used his skills to help fight crime and protect his city.

Periodic Table Information

Element- Radon

Symbol- Rd

Atomic Number- 86

Average Atomic Weight- 222

Number Of Protons: 87

Number Of Electrons: 87


• A colorless, odorless, and tasteless gas

• One of the densest gases at room temperature and is the densest of the noble gases being 9.73 kg/m

• Although colorless at standard temperature and pressure, when cooled below its Freezing Point, radon emits a brilliant radioluminescence that turns from yellow to orange-red as the temperature lowers

Important Uses

• Radon's molecule-damaging radioactivity has been used to kill cancerous cells

• Radon is used in hydrolic research that studies the interaction between ground water and streams

• Radon soil-concentration has been used in an experimental way to map buried close-subsurface geological faults

Strengths And Weaknesses

Doesn't react well with any halogens besides Fluorine, but reacts well with Fluorine.