My Christmas Wish

for the Lovely Ladies of the Social Graces Team

Hi friends!

My final trunk show of 2015 was Friday night and when I got in the car to go home, I couldn't help but think "That's a wrap!" And what a year it was! We grew in sales and sponsoring over 2015, we have one new Star leader, and lots of happiness to share :)

As we all board airplanes or welcome family into our homes over the next few days, I just want you to know how much I appreciate all of you! It is my heartfelt wish that you feel the Stella & Dot joy - that sense of accomplishment, pride, love for the accessories and kinship of our tribe. This is more than just a "job", it's a joy spring!

I'm heading out to Walt Disney World with my family tomorrow to spend Christmas at my favorite place on earth :) This has been a dream vacation for me for years (Disney at Christmas, with my extended family) and the excitement in this house is an energy buzz!

I'll be back and available on the 27th and ready to finish this year strong! Several of you are still working on reaching your Style Fix coupon, qualifying or hitting your pay rank and we'll get there! Christmas SALE and Dot Dollar redemption is coming!! So if you need just a little bit more, go get it! It's that last minute, second wind, bigger energy that gets you across the finish line feeling AWESOME instead of just tired :) I'll be checking in, supporting you, cheering you on!

Merry Christmas, my sweet friends! I love you, I thank you, and my heart is full of gratitude that you are part of this team. You are always welcome here :)


p.s. Don't forget to tune in to the webcast on 12/29, you'll get an email from home office. I am excited for Spring 2016 and I love hearing how many of YOU are excited and ready for a fresh start with new goals for the year! More to come soon...

This is where I'll be in just a few more hours! Eek!