Shredded Wheat

Invented by Henry Perky

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What is a Shredded Wheat?

Shredded wheat is a breakfast cereal made from whole wheat formed into miniature pillow-like biscuits.

When and where were Shredded Wheat introduced to the public?

In 1893, shredded wheat were introduced to the public at Chicago's World Colombian Exposition

As you can see even Justin Bieber loves Shredded Wheat!

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What did i learn?

I learned that Shredded Wheats are made of 100% natural whole wheat. They are a great breakfast choice for someone who wants to get into shape. Also they have a large amount of whole grains (around 16grams per serving).Shredded Wheats are low in fat and saturated fat, have 0g trans fat. Imagine that?! A breakfast cereal with absolutely no fat in it! They are also made with no sugars at all! Ahredded Wheat is a great breakfast choice for someone attempting to get into shape or overall just wants to get into shape.