SOU information

After high school

What i need for a biochemist

There isn't a certain degree that i need mostly any education is good. The more hands on experience the better. When a company sees what i used at SOU as far as equipment they will hire me because i know how to run the machines. So as much school i can get the better.


SOU is an Art and Science school located in Ashland Oregon. This is close to home and isn't very expensive. It will cost about 8,000 a year. It is only 45 minutes away from my home town. So the weather and country is just slightly more mountainous and slightly colder. The school has a lot of hands on experience for the science program. I would also have to pay for my living needs but this is a very cheap school. To attend you need at least a 3.1 GPA which i have and you need to have the graduation requirements of high school along with a letter of recommendation and a resume. SOU also has only a shocking 6,200 students currently attending their school.


My dad has said that he will help me through college. I plan to start college as a sophomore and SOU is cheap enough where i should be fine. I shouldn't need any financial help. I should be able to get a job and help pay for my college as well. Ashland offers many jobs that i can take.