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February 12, 2016

GISD Supporting Children and Families during Water Crisis

Recently, staff received a letter from Dr. Hagel that provided some much needed information and reassurance regarding the Flint Water Crisis. In that letter, Dr. Hagel noted that GISD’s focus has been, and will continue to be, on the families and the educational, behavioral, and developmental needs of children. GISD is working with many entities, including local, state, and federal agencies and officials, the Governor’s office, and the MDE to secure funds, donations, resources, and information. All with the goal of providing training, health related services, additional early childhood and special education programming, coordination, and specialized services.

As a service to parents, staff, and the community, GISD has created a Water and Lead Educational Information and Resources web area that provides details about the water source for each GISD building or program location, in addition to a large variety of resources that provide Flint area families and educators with important and useful information pertaining to the Flint water crisis.

GISD plans to continue posting information and resources in that web area, and encourages you to utilize and share the information with your friends and the families we serve.

Water Crisis: Event for Early Childhood Educators

Experts will present information and take questions regarding working with students and families impacted by lead exposure.

Early Childhood Town Hall Meeting
Impacts of Lead on Child Development
March 4, 2016
More information

Innovation Crew Update

In September 2015, GISD implemented a process to encourage and enable staff to submit innovative ideas that lead to positive and effective changes to benefit our organization, as well as those we serve. As of February 1, there have been a total of 50 innovative ideas submitted! Nine (9) ideas have gone through the process and are currently being implemented. Twenty-five (25) ideas are currently in progress. What this means is that staff are meeting with the idea submitter for a multitude of reasons. Sixteen (16) ideas were considered and, after analysis, the ideas have been saved in an idea resource pool for future consideration. Ideas continue to come in weekly and the Navigator Innovation Crew truly appreciates your patience as we continue to improve the process.

Another exciting new opportunity, as a result of this process, is that we have been hearing about innovative ideas being implemented directly at the building/department level. Some of our programs have even developed their own leadership, service, and innovation crews. In one GISD building, the crew development has actually permeated to the student level. A student leadership group was developed and GISD students will be working on coming up with innovative ideas. The Innovation Crew is excited to see that innovation is happening at department/building levels!

One of the next steps for the crew is to identify a process that will allow all of this work to be tracked, so the accomplishments that are occurring can be shared. We are getting ready to tell your stories of innovation! The Innovation Crew thanks each of you that have already submitted ideas and encourages the all staff to submit their own innovative idea.

As a reminder, you can review the Idea Submission Tip Sheet and also submit your innovative idea at

Robot Seeks Trailer

If your answers to the hitchhiking robot's questions are yes, then we have a job for you!

The Genesee Early College (GEC) Robotics Team, TESLA, is looking for a trailer. A 6’ X 8’ or 8’ X 12’ trailer is ideal and will make it easier to transport team TESLA’s robot and pit tools to competitions.

If you think you or someone you know can help, please email GEC Teacher Carly Deleu.

Employee Honored with STAR Award

Ruth Rosenberger, School Social Worker for GISD’s high school Day Treatment program, was recently recognized at a GISD Board of Education meeting with the STAR Award! The colleague that nominated Ruth noted, “She always volunteers for extra duties, including serving on numerous committees, and is willing to help out other employees any time. She goes the extra degree to ensure her coworkers are supported." They also mentioned that not only does Ruth connect with students and goes out of her way to develop positive relationships with families, but she also promotes learning among her colleagues and is an excellent leader who can redirect negative conversations into positive, solution-focused ones. Congratulations for this honor, and thank you for exemplifying the GISD mission, Ruth!

The STAR award recognition program is open to all employees. To nominate a staff member, simply complete the nomination form that is available in the Staff Resources area of the GISD website and in the main office of GISD school buildings.

Transition Center Students Give Back

Donate Your Soles Fundraiser

Transition Center students are asking for your help to raise funds for their programs by donating your new or gently worn shoes! Students will be preparing donated shoes to be delivered to impoverished nations, and as part of the process can earn funds to start or maintain a micro-enterprise that will provide basic necessities for needy families.

Shoes can be left in drop boxes in the following GISD buildings: Transition Center, Early Childhood Programs and Services, Elmer A. Knopf Learning Center, and the Marion D. Crouse Instructional Center.

Assisting Seniors in Our Community

During the month of December, students, staff, and families at the Transition Center donated over $400 to the Food Bank of Eastern Michigan’s Senior Box Program. The Senior Box Program provides needy seniors with a supplement to their normal food resources. The boxes contain basic core items and for $200, one senior receives a food box each month for a year. Thanks to the students, staff, and families who donated, the Transition Center was able to sponsor two seniors for a year!

Help Increase Awareness of GISD Programs and Services

We all know that our organization offers a huge variety of high quality, and often award-winning, programs and services for Genesee County students, families, and educators. However, limited funding sometimes makes it difficult, especially when our services span a wide variety of age groups and an entire county and beyond, to ensure that all students, families, and educators are made aware of important services and educational opportunities available to them.

The good news is that technology, especially the web and social media, provides GISD with the opportunity to utilize free ways to engage with our community and raise awareness of our services for those who may need them the most!

You can help GISD utilize the power of networking and social media by liking our Facebook page and following GISD on Twitter. Then, share GISD’s posts, tweets, and our website to help spread the word about our programs and services to your network of family and friends!

Genesee Intermediate School District

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