Your Daily Break

A dash of Mindfulness-based SEL for each day of the week!

Welcome to the Week of March 23rd!

We hope the suggestions last week were helpful and uplifting. We continue to hold you all in our hearts and will continue to bring you small doses of mindfulness and SEL for each day of the week to keep us present in the moment during these challenging times.

Thank you for staying strong, grounded and present!

Liane Benedict & Kate Ginney


Mindfulness Practice 1 during Covid-19 with JG Larochette, Mindful Life Project. This is a wonderful, basic practice to help settle your nervous system. Check out their channel for other practices during this time of uncertainty.


Managing stress and anxiety ~ Tips from the CDC


This might be a good time to start or re-start your yoga practice! Check out these free videos from Yoga with Adrienne!


Let's help our youth develop a healthy digital relationship. Open play time is more valuable for a child's developing brain than is digital media. Children under two are more likely to learn/remember info in person than through digital content.


America's Test Kitchen has opened access to their Young Chef's Club where the whole family can enjoy creating and eating! Cooking provides a great active break for everyone! Do you know the difference between crispy or crunchy? Truly a fun find.

Weekend Vibes

Checkout a thorough exploration of your emotional response. The heat map helps you to chart where you may be feeling certain emotions. Noticing our emotions helps us to better manage them because our awareness of how they impact us become more clear.

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