Escape From The Dragon

Play as a knight to get away from the dragon!

How it works?

You play as math knight who has stolen the treasure from the ferocious dragon. So you have to get over a number of objects. In order to get around them you must complete a math problem and if you get it wrong then the dragon catches up. There are a series of 20 levels and you can select what math problems you want to do. There is multiplication, division, addition, and subtraction. You have 20 seconds to complete the math problem. It's both educational and fun!

It's both fun and educational!

Customize Your Player

Before you begin, you can choose the color of your knight and the knights name. There is a color palette that you can choose from. Then select what math problems you would like to have. As you run from the dragon you collect things such as weapons,math problem skips, and other upgrades to help you get away.
This is your story, what will your knight look like?

Dragon Escape

This is a safe game for kids and come check it out. There is no gore and is school appropriate. Below is where to find our game.