Healthy Happy Hour!

Come join us!

Wednesday, Nov. 2nd, 7pm

584 Fraser Road

Winnipeg, MB

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Embrace your Potential!

Seeking to change? Isagenix offers scientifically and clinically proven results and systems that work synergistically to fuel with your body with all the correct ingredients needed for your body and your mind transformation to take place...naturally...and easily, right before your eyes! When you have your health, you really do have everything...

There will be a short video and presentation followed by drinks, snacks, and fun!

Product knowledge and customer appreciation!

The groundwork for all happiness is health! Offering all natural, cutting edge nutritional and anti-aging products, Isagenix offers easy to follow systems for any of the areas you may want to improve.

Come join us if you are looking for:

* Better Health and Perfect Nutrition for you and your family
* Healthy Weight loss, Weight Management, Muscle Gain

* Products that are Low-Glycemic, Gluten and Soy free
* Athletic Performance for all ages
* More Energy
* Healthy and chemical-free Skin Care
* More Income
* A great opportunity for young adults to earn while they learn

IsaBody- Embrace Your Full Potential

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