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January is SHOWCASE MONTH and you can learn more about getting a COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE at 916 Career and Tech in many ways. Each program of study will give you information about how to:

  • Visit a live lesson.

  • Schedule a one-on-one meeting with an instructor.

  • Meet the teacher and learn more about the program at one of two LIVE Open House events.

  • Watch a video and learn more about the competitive advantage offered in each program.

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So what is 916 Career and Tech?

NE Metro 916 Career & Technical Education offers hands-on career and college learning opportunities. These courses offer customized training and embed technical, academic, and employability skills within each course. Most offer college credit, certifications, or scholarships. Students in District 622 who enroll will spend periods 1 & 2 on the 916 Career and Tech campus, which is located at Century College East Campus for the entire school year (see transportation information below). With 20 programs to choose from, there's one that might be just right for you.
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R1 = Rigor Level 1; opportunity to earn industry credentials

R2 = Rigor Level 2; R1 + opportunity to earn college credits

R3 = Rigor Level 3; R1 + R2, + Post-secondary has placement score requirements

Arts, Communications and Information Systems

Computer Hardware/Software & Game Design

  • Power the modern world: create dynamic code for games, design networks, build computers, and explore cyber security

  • Solve today’s high-tech hardware and software challenges

  • Experience in-depth, hands-on labs while troubleshooting

  • Registration/Showcase information

R3 College Credit, Certifications, Scholarships

Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources

Animal Science and Natural Resources 1 or 2 year program

  • Help animals and the environment in your community through exploration of animal and plant sciences

  • Experience animal genetics, nutrition, first aid and health care, with live animals, modeling, and simulations

  • Jump-start a career in Minnesota ecosystems: water, soils, forestry and wildlife

  • Registration/Showcase information

R2 College Credit, FFA, Field Experience

Business Management and Administration

Entrepreneurship, Social Media and Marketing

  • Be the boss, develop an entrepreneurial spirit, and build your own business

  • Utilize dynamic technology such as robust social media and digital platforms to create vibrant strategic marketing

  • Design, prototype, and launch advertising, sales, and public relations campaigns for a wide range of products

  • Registration/Showcase information

R2 College Credit, Career Experiences, Scholarships

Introduction to Hospitality Careers

  • Create the perfect guest experience by gaining valuable skills for careers such as hotel front desk, housekeeping, customer service, retail, catering, and transportation

  • Explore a variety of entry level careers in hospitality through engaging activities and guest speakers

  • Network with local employers in this fast-paced high-demand career pathway

  • Registration/Showcase information

R1 (Grade 10 & up) Scholarships and Field Experiences

Travel and Tourism

  • Plan exciting travel and entertainment itineraries for clients including transportation, lodging and entertainment

  • Identify and pitch entertainment and recreation opportunities in local, state, national and international markets

  • Manage various operations within the travel and tourism industry while developing strong business management and communication skills

  • Registration/Showcase information

R2 Portfolio, Career Experiences, Scholarships


Cosmetology - General 1 or 2 year program

  • Express individual creativity by providing a wide range of artistic hair, nail, and skincare services using the latest technology, trends, and name-brand products

  • Network with guest speakers and industry connections

  • Work in a simulated full-service salon and spa while performing services according to science and standards

  • Registration/Showcase information

R2 MN Cosmetology Board Hours, Portfolio, Scholarships

Cosmetology - Nail Technician and Esthiology (Skin) 1 or 2 year program

  • Grow your ability to care for, repair, and beautify skin with salon quality products

  • Express/develop your creativity/skills in nail design and extension using builder gel, acrylic, and dip systems

  • Jumpstart you career with skills to perform eyelash extensions, tinting, perming, facials, body scrubs, waxing and makeup

  • Grow your ability to care for, repair, and beautify skin with salon quality products

  • Perform services on clients while building your confidence to be spa ready

  • Registration/Showcase information

R2 MN Board Nail Tech or Esthetician License, College Credit, MN Cosmetology Board Hours

Engineering, Manufacturing and Technology

Introduction to Automotive and Welding Careers (Formerly Auto Dismantling) 1 or 2 year program

  • Work alongside a master technician to safely disassemble motor vehicles, operate forklifts, identify parts and components, and explore welding techniques

  • Jump start your career in an industry dedicated to the efficient removal and reuse of automotive parts

  • Help save the environment by implementing safe recycling practices for motor vehicles

  • Registration/Showcase information

R1 (Grades 10 & up) Professional Skills, Scholarships, Professional Networking

Automotive Technology 1 or 2 year program

  • Maintain, repair, and fine-tune a wide range of vehicles alongside an ASE Master Technician in a full-service automotive center

  • Utilize the same advanced diagnostic and repair equipment as industry professionals to troubleshoot simple and complex systems

  • Optimize vehicle operation and performance using applied critical thinking and problem solving

  • Registration/Showcase information

R3 Certifications, College Credit, Paid Internships

Construction Occupations 1 or 2 year program

  • Experience the satisfaction of building an upscale residential home from the ground up

  • Operate power tools in carpentry, masonry, plumbing, HVAC, and electrical while working alongside trade professionals

  • Apply critical thinking to manage construction teams and interpret blueprints

  • Registration/Showcase information

R2 Apprenticeships, Certifications, College Credit

Diesel Trucks and Engine Technology 1 or 2 year program

  • Diagnose, repair, overhaul and assemble diesel-powered engines for heavy-duty trucks, locomotives and military tanks

  • Utilize the same advanced equipment as industry professionals in this high-demand, high paying field

  • Network with local employers and training programs

  • Registration/Showcase information

R2 College Credit, Certifications, Competitions

Introduction to Maintenance and Environmental Services

  • Experience the rewarding field of custodial services to keep facilities operating at peak levels

  • Identify and use the appropriate tools, chemicals, and methods to create and maintain a high-quality environment

  • Build productive communication skills to work in a wide range of settings

  • Registration/Showcase information TBA

R1 (Grade 10 & up) Field Experience, Certifications, Scholarships

Human services

Careers in Education

  • Make a difference by developing relationships to motivate students to reach their potential

  • Create cutting-edge lessons using technology that engages learners from a variety of backgrounds

  • Develop the skills to reach learners with many abilities and from many cultures

  • Registration/Showcase information TBA

R3 College Credit, Certifications, Field Experience

Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice

  • Make a difference by being entrusted to improve community relationships and protect citizens

  • Engage in police ride-alongs, auto extrications, and community involvement

  • Explore how state and federal laws work to keep people safe and analyze the causes and effects of criminal behavior

  • Registration/Showcase information

R3 Field Experiences, College Credit, Scholarships

Health Sciences

Dental Careers

  • Develop a passion to educate adults and children on the importance of oral health, hygiene and diet

  • Perform a wide range of dental services, including chair side assistance, instrument transfer, oral impressions, and the use of advanced dental instruments

  • Explore careers in this fast-growing healthcare field such as orthodontics, oral surgery, and endodontics

  • Registration/Showcase information

R3 (Grade 12 only) College Credit, Certifications, Local/State/Nat. Competitions

Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)

  • Experience the thrill of saving lives in real-world emergency situations where your actions make a difference

  • Perform detailed medical and trauma patient assessments using advanced emergency equipment

  • Engage in ambulance ride-alongs, 911 call center job shadowing, and auto extrications

  • Registration/Showcase information

R3 (Grades 11/12) College Credit, Scholarships, Local/State/Nat. Competitions

Introduction to Medical Careers

  • Explore a variety of entry level careers in the medical field

  • Engage in hands-on activities, and learn from individuals in the field

  • Gain skills and knowledge for industry certifications such as CPR/First Aid, Personal Care Attendant, and Nursing Assistant

  • Registration/Showcase information

R2 (Grades 10 & up) Scholarships, Industry Certifications, Competitions

Medical Careers (Honors)

  • Enhance the quality of patients’ lives by participating in clinical rotations in long-term care facilities and achieve your nursing assistant certification

  • Explore a wide range of high-demand healthcare careers through practical lab experiences

  • Emphasis on medical terminology, anatomy, physiology, and infection control

  • Registration/Showcase information

R3 College Credit, Scholarships, Local/State/Nat. Competitions

Exploration and Enrichment

Mentor Connection

  • Connect your passion to relevant career fields, sharpen your focus, and develop a deeper understanding of what it takes to succeed •
  • Collaborate with a personal mentor and network with professionals in your field •
  • Develop an early professional reputation R3 Honors Distinction, Field Experience, Scholarships
  • Registration/Showcase information

R3 Honors Distinction, Field Experience

Youth Apprenticeship/Work-Based Learning

  • Earn high school credit while getting paid to build your work experiences and resume for future college and career success

  • Develop and showcase your talents and skills on the job in one of a wide variety of local business and industry settings

  • The workplace is your classroom where you will expand your potential working both independently and alongside industry professionals

  • Registration/Showcase Information

General Skills Needed for Success at 916 Career and Tech

This information is a guideline for student success at 916 Career and Tech. Please consider scheduling a tour to get the most accurate idea of what to expect at 916 Career and Tech!


  • Good Attendance - Courses are two class periods in length; missing 1 day is like missing two full classes.

  • Many courses are project based with equipment or materials needed only available to them at 916 Career and Tech.

  • Many courses are skills based; practice of these skills often require a group, or set up of special equipment

  • Level 2 and 3 Rigor courses are fast paced

  • Medical Careers has a maximum of 3 absences per quarter and 4 absences per trimester to participate in clinicals

Work Habits (level 2 and 3 rigor programs)

  • Ability to follow directions without needing a great deal of support or prompts

  • Independence in starting tasks

  • Ability to work independently on projects

  • Advocates for needs (Help is available, however, is not always in the class when needed)

  • Works well in small groups

  • Willing to do their share of the work

  • Able to complete large projects (these can be broken down)

  • Minimal supervision needed to remain on task/ complete tasks

  • Ability to complete grade level work in most classes

Eligibility and Availablility

There are a limited number of spaces available in each program.

Priority is given to current 11th graders registering for their Senior Year.

Current 10th graders are next for consideration.

Students will be notified in May of their registration status.

Where is 916 Career and Tech and how do I get there?

LOCATION: 916 Career and Tech is located on the East Campus of Century College, at 3300 Century Avenue North in White Bear Lake. Your home high school will provide you information about transportation and screening prior to coming to campus. For those students attending class on campus, staff will be available to greet students at doors E1 and E29 and will also provide assistance for finding classrooms.

PROGRAM INFORMATION: North and Tartan are assigned time block 1 and is scheduled from 8:05 - 9:50 a.m.

TRANSPORTATION: Transportation is provided by most home districts. Students can provide their own transportation. The construction program does have off campus sites that students need to be aware of.