Tamper-Evident Devices

By: Justin, Victoria, Kent, Andrea

Examples: Security Tape seals, label seals, metal seals, plastic seals, bolt seals, lead seals, tamper evident security bags, junction boxes. Cannot be reused and are quickly becoming an interesting topic for hackers around the world. Tamper evident devices are used to detect and identify unauthorized access to any protected information, products, containers, tankers, trailers or systems

Tamper- Evident Devices

A package that has "one or more indicators or barriers to entry which, if breached or missing, Can reasonably be expected to provide visible evidence that tampering has occured."The visual indication should be accompanied by a precauitionary label. Abesence of or damge to such features at time of purchase is a sign of tampering     There are many types of tamper- evident devices.Designed for theft resistence