lukes favorite things

by luke

science lab

my class goes to the science lab with Mrs.Cramer.

sience is one of my favorite subjects.

we launched rockets

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we play dreambox in the computer lab.

mrs.velenta works in the computerlab.

we also do wixie in the computer lab.

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there is a natinal basketball leauge called NBA.

Your have to shoot the ball into the hoop.

My favorite basketball team is the Baylor Bears.

my class room

My best friend in this class is Dev.

We do writing and social studies.

In Mrs.Cramers class we do math and sience.

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there are two more days till halloween.

I am being a halo person.

My family are ready carved pumkins.

trick or treating

Kids go trick or treating on halloween.

When you go trick or treating you get candy.

You are a post to nock on peoples doors.

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Me my brother and my friends play football at recess.

I am usally the QB.

My brother is the reciver.

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Baseball is my favorite sport.

I play out field.

My best friend on my team is Tucker Brown.

kick ball

some times we play kick ball at recess.

I am usually on my brothers team.

my team usually kicks most of the time.

new york giants

I know two recivers on the giants.

They are Victor Cruiz and Odell Beckem.Jr.

Odell Beckem is the whip king.

Baylor bears

Shawn Oakman is my favorite player on the bears.

He is defense of end.

He is 6 foot nine!

shock linwood

Shock linwood is the baylor running back.

He fights for extra yards.

he is little.