Methods of Contraception

The pill, The rod, and Depo shot

The Pill

Many women that take the pill agree that they receive other benefits than just contraception. The pill is an easy way to keep from getting pregnant as well as reducing menstrual bleeding and cramps. Benefits to taking the pill are that it is quick and easy, one pill everyday. However if you are sexually active and you forget to take your pill that could be risky. The pills effectiveness rate is 99% if you use it consistently and correctly, although this does not mean that you don't have to wear a condom. The pill is an easy way to avoid pregnancy as well as regulate your period and clear your skin.

Depo Shot

The depo shot is fluid that goes into your arm in order to prevent pregnancy. The depo shot is convenient because you get one shot and you don't have to think about it for three months. You have to get a new shot every three months . The shot is extremely safe and women have a less than 1% risk of pregnancy , only 6 out of 100 women that had the shot got pregnant last year. The hormone injected into your arm essentially blocks ovulation. Although the shot has many benefits like having privacy because the shot leaves no trace of birth control in your body, you are also still at rick of STI's and irregular periods.

The Rod

The rod is a matchstick sized implant that prevents pregnancy by shooting progesterone hormones into your body to stop ovulation. The rod has to be inserted by your health care provider. The rod is convenient because it lasts up to three years and you don't have to remember everyday to take a pill. The rod is extremely effective and has less than 1% of women getting pregnant every year. The rod has a few disadvantages including irregular bleeding within the first 6 months, and the risk of longer and heavier periods. Overall the rod is a safe, effective and convenient way to not get pregnant.
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