The Blackston Bulletin

The latest news and updates from our 5th grade classroom!

Upcoming Dates

Tues Feb 9 - NEHS Meeting (pickup b/t 3:45-4 pm)

Wed Feb 10 - Valentine Treats Due for Treat Bags

Thurs Feb 11 - Math Test

Fri Feb 12 - Exchange Valentines in Class

Mon Feb 15 - INSERVICE; President's Day

Fri Feb 19 - Glow Dance for Families


*Students should bring healthy snacks and clear water for our daily snack time!

*SS (WWII) and Science (Mixtures and Solutions) vocabulary quizzes will be this week. Students have a hard copy of these terms as well as a copy in the Drive app on their IPADS.

STUDENT of the WEEK - Zoe Granger


A huge thanks to Clay Nix and Brittany Ross for supplying our class with Expo Markers last week! The students have really enjoyed using them on their personal whiteboards during math time!

CU Students

We are excited to have Mr. Williams and Mr. Kimbrell join our class! They are education majors from Clemson University and will be visiting during our ELA time over the next few weeks.

Fun Fact of the Week

Several ships are buried under buildings in San Francisco, CA!

Hunt Meadows Elementary School

Mrs. Blackston

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