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Quick, Barney, Run!

Connecting Through Stories

One of my most favorite parts of being a librarian is sharing stories with others. It certainly is powerful to see students making connections to their own lives and experiences, learning new information, or seeing things in a new perspective. I love to watch students grow more excited as the story unfolds before them, as they become experts about a given subject, or as a new book in their favorite series comes out. While I will happily continue to read stories aloud, adding little by little to this new YouTube channel as one way to engage with our Blessed families, I also want to share some other online resources for read alouds. I know that we have an exceptional set of students who love to enjoy story after story! Please remember, Parents, that while these are excellent resources for your families, not every book or story might be age or content appropriate for every reader, so you might want to take the time to read summaries before clicking play.

For a break from the screens, and good listening practice

...try the Circle Round Podcast! Parents can look through nearly 100 different weekly podcasts to find the right featured folktale turned into a kind of children's radio play. Each episode is about 10 - 20 minutes long, and the parts are played by notable actors and performers. Clicking on the webpage for a podcast provides more information about the history of the folktale, the performers featured, follow-up printable activities, and even questions that can build some good discussions after listening to the story.

Blessed Sacrament Library

I miss our Blessed Bulldogs so very much! Last week I sent out invitations by email for the Intermediate and Middle School to join the Google Classroom for their sections where I can post information, respond to questions, and have resources in one place. I had a good number of students respond, however, if your family would like another email sent with the correct class code, please fill out the Google Form below, one for each 3rd-8th grade student you would like added.

If you have any questions or need assistance with anything else, I will do my best to help however I can. I look forward to sharing more stories and resources with you and your family, & hearing about your thoughts and experiences!