Rome's weekly news.

Dane Schrekenhofer

Roman Empire

Roman Empire Physical Geography- Mountains, islands, rivers, Hills.

What the Plebeians think.

I think we should have a role in gov't. Those patricians get everything, unlike us. We deserve the life that they have, such as role in the government and the wealth they have. We are gonna do something about this and we aren't gonna stop until we have it. That's the life we deserve. They think they can just treat us like nothing. We are very common people and we deserve whatever they have.


I Trajan will make your dreams come true if you vote me for a Magistrate. Just vote for me and you'll have what you need.
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Julius Caesar's obituary

Julius Caesar was a powerful and strong man. He thought anything he would do was possible. Such as declaring himself as dictator for life. They try to limit power from him, but he was two powerful. Someone ended up murdering him and now he is gone. He was a very popular man. Goodbye Julius caesar.
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Interview with Augustus!

Reporter- Augustus, how did u change taxes and laws?

Augustus- I made tax collectors permanent government workers . This change made the tax system fairer.

Reporter- Ok, how did you reform the legal system?

Augustus- I created a set of laws for people in the provinces who were not citizens. Most of those people gained citizenship, Then the laws of Rome applied to everyone.

Reporter- How do you plan to make the empire safer and stronger?

Augustus- For security I got a professional army, about 150,000 men that are all citizens. I also made a new unit called Praetorian Guard , this includes 9,000 men in charge of guarding the emperor.

Reporter- What do you plan to build?

Augustus- Public buildings and fountains

Reporter- Ok, Thank you Augustus.

Augustus- You're welcome.

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One major style accomplishment was the fountains that they made.

New Building Projects!

The new building projects are about to come up! They are making all kinds of places, such as fountains and public buildings. Everyone is exited to see what the future holds for us! Thank you to Augustus for making this a dream come true. We are so close to having and even BETTER community. These public building will bring the community together. The fountains will amaze everyone once they are up and running.


I think It is a good thing to be apart of Christianity. It helps us to understand this place we are on. And it helps us to understand why we are here on this place today. I don't know why people do not believe in christianity, It helps us to understand our importance of being here. People who don't believe in this do need to believe in this. It would make your life a lot more easier or less stressful than it already is.

The Barbarian Tribe

The Barbarians attacked a few days ago and the place was a wreck. Our building projects were pretty much ruined, but we managed to fix them and keep on going. It was a very sad and depressing day in the Roman Empire. The empire was trashed and a lot of people were killed. We have had enough of them. They vandalize, take the life of people, and do awful things. They even use our blood as art and take some of us as slaves.

Travel trip!

A group of our soldiers traveled to spain and had a great time! They had a lot of fun and met a lot of new people. They learned how to speak new languages and ate a lot of good foods. They visited public buildings and fountains. They gave us some pictures to keep the memories fresh and clear in our minds!