Paying Cash for All Textbooks!!!!

Textbook Buybacks, Please Make an Appointment!!

Interested in Having Cash in your Pocket?

For the next four weeks I will be buying textbooks from students for CASH! I am happy to set up an appointment at your convenience. Schedule a group meeting if your friends and you want to sell your books all at once. 100 books? No problem!!! 10 books? I'll buy them!!! 1 book? Bring it to me and I will put CASH in your hand. I am a driven Clemson student focused on getting my peers the best deals in Clemson.

Please Call or Text me to set up an appointment.

Feel free to call or text anytime. If I do not answer or respond leave a brief message and I will gladly get back to you as soon as possible. My phone number is 864-764-4879

Cash for Textbooks

Run by Nick Giardina

Please contact me by any of the below options