Should Marijuana be legalized?

You decide!

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Should marijuana should be only legal for medical purposes?

Yes, marijuana should only be legal for medical use because marijuana is still a drug and you could get hooked on it very easily. Marijuana has been around since about 7,000, but back then they used the seeds for food and the leafs to cure illness. Also you can get into serious trouble getting caught by the police with the possession of marijuana with no medical permit.

Is Marijuana More Dangerous Than Alcohol?

Marijuana is not more dangerous than alcohol because when you drink a great amount of alcohol you become intoxicated and your putting yourself and others at risk. But when you smoke marijuana, in the ,long run studies show that you i.q drops slowly each time you smoke. This is due do the effects it does to your mind.
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How bad can marijuana be abused?

Marijuana is abusive because marijuana cause mental, physical, emotional changes. These changes makes you feel happy and good, so you are willing to try it again. The more times you try marijuana the higher chances of you getting addicted on it. Another thing teens are starting to smoke marijuana more because of how many people are smoking this gateway drug.

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