Capital: Nassau


Capital - Nassau

Major Cities - Nassau, New Providence, Freeport, and Cooper's Town


The Bahamas was once controlled by Spain, until it got it's freedom on July 10, 1973. As of now it is not controlled by any other country.


In the Bahamas they speak english.


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The Bahamas are in the North Atlantic Ocean, just southeast of Florida. It has the 3rd largest barrier reef, Mount Aalvernia, and over 109 species of birds.


The Bahamas has a Monarchy, and Queen Elizabeth II is the head of state, but executive power is exercised by the people.

Economic Information

The Bahama's currency is the Bahamian dollar. They are a socialist country.

Tourist Information

The Bahamas have a lot of resorts ( including Atlantis), snow-white beaches, crystal- clear water,parks, great weather, and amazing food. While there you can also go snorkeling/diving, go to the casinos, and head to restaurants.