Pizza Fractions 1

by Brian West

Developer Brian West

My wife, Joann, is a certified elementary and middle school teacher with a background in mathematics. I've been programming as a hobby off and on for 35 years. Together, we've created a series of educational iOS applications for young students.

Each of our apps focus on practice of a single, newly learned concept in an engaging, game-like environment. Designed for short, pick up and play, sessions, they are ideal for both home and classroom use.

Game Description

The game provides you with a picture of a pizza. Each pizza has a certain amount of slices of pizza missing. The goal is to figure out what fraction of the pizza is still present. Underneath each pizza is a selection of three fraction answers. One of these are correct answer.The chief makes a sad face every time an incorrect answer is selected. Once an incorrect answer is selected it is removed as a viable answer option. Once the correct answer is selected the chief makes a happy face and a you shake the screen to start a new problem. The game provides ten problems per round. At the end of each round it provides the time per round, incorrect guesses, and overall score.


Application is very easy to learn
Provides great introduction to fractions that is fun and easy
Great visualizing the concept

No other shapes or food types
Would be more engaging if there was more animation to the game
More interactive sound effects
No directions or narration for beginners
Would be more kid friendly with rewards for right answers

DOK Levels and Classroom Usage

DOK level 2 for beginners just introducing fractions
DOK level 1 for those that have had fractions

This would be a engaging way to introduce fractions to a class. Teachers can explain the game to the students by doing a few of the problems. Then let them figure out the problems for a little bit. This would make a fun pretest that students could do individually. The higher level pizza fractions games could be introduced once students have the fundamentals of the easier game.