Jeffers Pond Friday Outlook

June 3, 2016


Staff meeting on June 7th: We will be meeting in the science room (212) at 8:05. Our plan will be to meet as teams to look through materials and discuss what things are needed and used in each grade level. You will be asked to complete the form for your grade level. The science room will be moving next year and we would like to make sure we are only moving the items we use as our future space is a little smaller.

Schoology Archiving: Schoology will automatically archive the week of June 13th. Please inform your families that they will not have access to pictures or content on your Schoology Page during the summer. (You will be adding the next class of students to your Schoology page in the fall. This is due to the number of changes that do occur.)

The Wandering Mug is back by popular demand: Bo will be on site with the Wandering Mug on June 8th from 7:30-8:30 for anyone interested. Sherrie will also be helping out to help with speed of service.

Last day of school: Please see the last day of school lunch schedule and details.

We will not be having specialist classes on the last day due to our all school meeting and early release. Students will be released at 12:50. We will meet at 1:00 for an end of the year celebration and staff activity. Please meet in the gym at 1:00.

School Supplies for Chimbote and Haiti: Thank you for collecting any unwanted and slightly used school supplies for some worthy children. Please put your supplies in the black bins in each of the pods by Wednesday, June 8th.

All School Meeting: We will meet on June 9th at 9:45 for our all school meeting. This will be followed by an all school yearbook signing event in the gym. See the agenda here. We will be finalizing some things at leadership on Monday. Let me know if you have any edits or additions.

Inspiring Greatness


Thank you to Mike and Kevin for planning the canoeing experience!

Thank you to all the teachers for their planning, supporting, and teaching throughout our ESTEM learning days.

Thank you to everyone for the great Laker Maker Moments. I have heard from many students how much fun they have had.

Thank you to everyone who helped make our outdoor learning days fun and educational!