Mize Elementary

Welcome aboard!

Helpful information for New Families

Although this may not contain ALL the information you may need, we hope this gives you a great head start to joining the Mize Family. Please call the school office if you have any questions. WE ARE HERE TO HELP!!!!

Soaring to the Stars

Our Mission:

Mize Elementary - teaming with a dedicated learning community to celebrate each individual, not only as they are, but as they are yet to be.

Is you student not going to make it in today?

Please let us know by 9:00 am EACH day your student is out. Click on the link below or give us a call at 913-441-0880.


Mize Elementary School Website

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Family Access

Secure site where you can check out your lunch account balance, nurse's office visits, gradecards, and message center.

Student & Family Handbook

District Information, Guidelines, and Procedures

Car Loop! It is all about getting in and getting out - SAFELY!

General tips:

1. Always put down your cell phone when entering the Mize property. This is for the safety of everyone!

2. Follow the directions of the staff on duty.

3. Be kind to each other.

Morning arrival:

In the morning, please use the south/right hand lane to form a line for drop off. If you need to park, use the middle lane to gain access to the pervious parking (the grassy parking lot). Cars will exit on the north lane.


Please see the attached map for car riders.


Home of Mize PTO

Families are a huge part of our community. Find out how you can join in the fun!

Now Serving Breakfast (at 8:25am) and Lunch

Breakfast prices: (Includes 1 milk + 1 juice) All Students $1.35 Reduced (set by USDA) $0.30 Adult $1.85 Milk $0.50 Lunch prices: (Includes 1 milk + 1 juice) Elementary (K-5) $2.25 Reduced (set by USDA) $0.40 Adult $3.45 Additional drink $0.50

E~Funds - Need to add funds electonically?

Cash and check are welcome in the Mize Office. However, if you wish to use a credit card or debit card, click to use our secure website link to make payments.