Local India News Update

Made By: Keona D Burrell

Breaking News! Indian-Pakistan war!

People are worried that India and Pakistan might go to war because of the terrorist attacks and the violence on the borders. This is very dangerous to the public if a war happens because both India and Pakistan have Nuclear Weapons!

Weather News

Himachal Pradesh still in cold wave even in dry weather! The rest of India this week is 80's!

No Airplane Travel

New Delhi on restriction airplane travel from Republic Day to January 19th. Same with Indira Gandhi Airport.

It Might be to Late to Celebrate But do it Anyway

Because January the 15th is Army Day! Army Day was made in 1949 when Lt Gen Km Cariappa took over as first commander-in-chief of the Indian Army from the last British commander.

Sports News!

Sania Mirza and her partner Martina Hingis on thursday broke a 22-year old world records by winning their 29th win in tennis

Whales in Danger!

45 to 81 whales have died after being beached. First time since 1973, When 120 whales were stranded. Officials have rescued and taken at least 36 of the mammals back to sea. Fishermen and officials have dragged many back so sea but some came back. 45 whales have died, 37 adults and 8 young adults.