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ESC Region 11 English Learner Support - Vol. 1 Issue 4

READING is a SuperPower!

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How to Help Your Elementary-Age Child with Reading

Reading is the skill that helps your child succeed in all subjects in school!

How to Help Your Child with Reading in Middle School, High School, and Beyond...

English Learners in Middle School and High School may already be fluent readers in their native language and now face the challenge of learning to read in English! Here are tips, tools and resources to help your older child succeed in achieving literacy in a second language:
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What Can I Do at Home with My Baby or Toddler?

Listening and responding:
  • Talk to your baby or toddler.
  • Make funny faces.
  • Sing nursery rhymes.
  • Play games like peek-a-boo.

Reading together:
  • Read books to your baby every day.
  • As you read, talk about the pictures as you go.

Asking and answering questions:
  • Toddlers love to ask questions. Encourage your toddler's new skills by engaging her in conversations, listening to her questions, and answering them patiently.

Sharing family stories:
  • Tell your child stories about yourself or other family members, using photos to go with your words. This will help your child both recognize sounds and appreciate your family history.
  • For more ideas on storytelling at home, take a look at Family Stories.

Find More Tips to Help Your Child with Reading at ESC Region 11 English Learner Support

The ESC Region 11 English Learner Support team has a dedicated page that offers help to families with English Learners in our region: https://www.esc11.net/Page/9132. It includes tips and resources to help children read at every level of ability.
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