China in Depth

Evan Opgenorth, Hour 3

China's Geography

  • Bordered by North Korea and Vietnam
  • Area is 9.6 million kilometers squared
  • 3rd largest country in total area behind Russia and Canada
  • 11 of 17 tallest mountain peaks are located on China's western boarders
  • Has 50,000 rivers
  • Lots of natural resources like zince, tungsten, and graphite
  • Generally hot summers and cold winters
  • 9,010 miles of coastline
  • 94% of people live in the east part of China
  • China includes plateaus, plains, basins, foothills, and mountians

China's Culture

  • One of the world's oldest cultures
  • Government: Communest state; Chief of State is President XI Jinping
  • Religion: multi-religion counrty since ancient times; only 15% are atheists
  • Language: 40,000 different characters; 7 different official languages
  • Social Organization: 90% are Han (ethnic Chinese); parents want kids to be hightly successsful
  • Economic Systems: GDP per capita is $9,800; labor force is highest in world at 767.6 million people
  • Customs and Traditions: Spring Festival marks beginning of the lunar new year; have many festivals or celebrations of the gods and/or godesses
  • Arts and Literature: baskeball and table tennis are 2 main sports; ealiest Chinese Literature goes back to 618 A.D.


What 2 countries put together are approximately equal China's population of chimps?

a. Burma and Laos

b. Vietnam and Bangladesh

c. Thailand and China

d. Cambodia and Burma

What 2 countries have the lowest population of chimps?

a. China and Cambodia

b. Thailand and Vietnam

c. Bangladest and Thailand

d. Laos and Bangladesh

Venn Diagram