Should Young Athletes Play Football

By ShariahMorris


Have you ever thought about playing football? Because i have, Do you know a famous football player named Isaiah Kahut. He had a dream to play on a high school football team. so if he can dream and make his dream come true by only working hard and practicing and learning about it then i know you can do it to and to make your dreams become reality and who knows maybe you will be even famous then him.

The body paragraph

For as long as he could remember, 13-year-old Isaiah Kahut had a dream: to play high school football. He'd dreamed of it in kindergarten, throwing a football with his dad. He'd dreamed of it in elementary school, playing in his town's youth flag football league. Now, finally, his dream was about o come true. It was summer before ninth grade, and Isaiah was at football camp, preparing for his first season as a running back for skyview high school in vancouver, washington.


Isaiah, now 17, is confident he made the right decision. Since quitting football, he has thrived. He runs track and went to state championships; he plans to run in college. he stays connected to football by photographing games for his school yearbook. He still gets headaches once in awhile, but for the most part, his symptoms have faded. "I understand what could of have happened if i'd stayed on the team ", Isaiah says. "Brian damage could have affected my entire life". And that made walking away the right choice.
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