~Bora Bora~

~Kiara Pfeifer~

Getting There

I am traveling from Denver, Colorado to Bora Bora,. My flight leaves on May 17th at 12:20pm and arrive there at 8:05am the next day. We have one stop at Los Angelos (LAX) in between our flights. Our total travel time is 23hrs 45m. We will be traveling with Air Tahiti on the way there and on the way back we will be flying with the same airlineand will be returning on May 24th. The total price for the flight for 1 person is 2,901 and the total for 2 people is 5,817. I will probably bring around 50 dollars on the plane in case the food costs money or I want extra foods or substances. Source:

Where to Stay

In Bora Bora we are staying at a 5 star resort called The St. Regis Bora Bora Resort which have on the water huts that I will be staying at. Th have a staircase on the patio leading down into the ocean and there is a hot tub on the patio of the hut. The huts are very fancy and have a lot of areas to relax and sleep. The resort has outside restauraunts and buffets to eat at. Tere menu includes delicious seafood and fresh citrus fruits and vegetables. They have signature deserts such as Haari Coconut and Chocolate Marquise that will satisfy your hungry stomach. The resort is very calm and peaceful and a nice vacation spot to relax and unwind. We found this great hotel on travelocity they give you tons of hotels and resorts near where you are going and come up with the lowest price availible for you. Source: http://www.travelocity.com/


At the resort I am staying at there are plenty of activities to keep you entertained during the stay. A few of them include snorkeling, Kayaking, Helicopter tours, Scooter rentals, and Yoga classes with instruction. There are 2 spas at the resort that you can get massages or manicures to relax. I decided to book a private helicopter tour above the ocean to go siteseeing. The cost for this is $150 for 1 person and $300 for 2 poeple. The tour will last 30 minutes and I get to se all of the specific landmarks on the island and any other interesting sights that you do not normally get to see in Denver. We found these activities on the resorts website which also included great places to eat and other activities and if you wanted you can have your own butler in your hut! Source: http://www.stregisborabora.com/ and http://www.tripadvisor.com/ for the helicopter tour.



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