Lucy D

What is a mummy?

A mummy is a king or queen who has died then gose threw a proses then goes to its tomb with all his/her treasure

Imagine this

Imagine this you are opening a door to a secret room that no one has ever discovered with agent beautiful treasure. As you walk further into the tomb you discover a old case shaped like a person as you take the case lid there is another one it has three cases you have to open once you have opened all the cases there lyes a mummyfied body. You have just discovered a mummy

Tutankhamen's treasure

The treasure of Tutankhamen were beautiful hand carved furniture,decorated chest and a gorgeous gilded throne were walked across the burning desert floor by moping mourners.

After life

Mummies were made for the after life. If you are wondering what the after life is well the after life is were the mummy gose to.Well this is what they believed more then a thousand years ago.

Who are Mummies made?

1.After the mummy is washed in wines and spices all the body parts that might decay were removed 2.the body was stuffed with bundels of a strong drying salt called natron then completely coverd with natron 3.While the body was drying the internal ogerns were also dried and preserved with natron 4.After fourty days the body now completely dry and shrunken it was removed from the natron and all the bunndels of natron was removed from the body then the body was washed in oils and fragrant spices 5.The mummies head and body were packed with linen so that the shape they had lived in and coverd in necklace,rings and bracelets decorated in gold and jems 6.the entire body was then covered in strips of linen till the mummy was returned to it's origanal size between each layer were small magical objects for the afterworld 7.After the wrapping was finished the head was covered with a death mask to make sure that the spirt is locked in. The masked mummy was then pleased in series of gilded wooden coffins.


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