March Guidance Update

APTS Meeting Presentation: March 14, 2019

Academic Scheduling Update

The Guidance Department has been hard at work to finalize meeting with students and inputting scheduling requests for the 2019-2020 academic year. School Counselors have been in contact with students and their parents regarding scheduling the newly established Honors courses in Physics, US History I, US History II and English 3. If you or your student would like to be considered for these courses, please contact the classroom teacher and assigned School Counselor directly. Course descriptions for these new courses can be found here: Program of Studies Addendum - Honors Level Clarification Document

The second phase of scheduling is now underway as the Master Schedule is being constructed. During this process, the Board of Education will collaborate with Administration to determine course sections. Classes will officially be assigned to periods during the academic day and then a preliminary schedule will be randomly generated. This preliminary schedule will be shared with parents and students in late May. Students are welcomed to speak with their School Counselor regarding any changes to their preliminary schedule prior to the close of the school year. The Guidance Office is open during the summer months for review of scheduling. There is a Counselor-on-Duty during the week, Monday through Friday.

Please do not hesitate to contact your assigned School Counselor with any questions. Another resource is the RIH Program of Studies

Class of 2019: College Responses and Scholarships

"March Madness" takes on a different connotation in the Guidance Office as college responses for the Class of 2019 are released. Students are typically notified via email or access to an online portal with a few snail-mail letters also being sent. Decisions released at this time are typically linked to a Regular Decision process. The decisions can include an acceptance, denial or a student being "waitlisted." A denial is final at this stage of the process. A student being offered an acceptance has the opportunity to consider all acceptances over the course of March and April. Students are encouraged to visit the college campus (independently or on Accepted Student Days) using the College Visit Form for an excused absence as needed. The financial deposit for the selected school of enrollment is due on May 1, 2019. Students are to deposit at one school only.

Colleges eagerly anticipate students depositing on May 1st as confirmation of attendance. Between May 1 and May 15th, colleges often review their “yield” and whether or not there are seats available to consider students on the Waitlist. Waitlist decisions can be made from mid-May to mid-August.

The School Counselors are not notified by colleges about their decisions. We are dependent on the student sharing the news with us directly! Students are encouraged to meet with their School Counselor to review the acceptance offers.

Counselors will be visiting all Senior English classes the first week of April to guide Seniors on updating their Application List and completing the Graduation Survey (if possible) in Naviance. We will also be reviewing posted Scholarship Opportunities and sharing the RHS Scholarship Checklist. Scholarship opportunities are being updated in Naviance regularly. These represent independent, community-based scholarship opportunities that are selected by the individual or organization sponsoring the scholarship. The RHS Scholarship Checklist is a Google Form reflecting approximately twenty scholarships on one shared application. The RHS Scholarship Committee will select recipients for scholarships listed on the Scholarship Checklist with exception to particular scholarships such as FLOW Follies with specific membership criteria.

If you or your student have any question regarding this phase of the college process, please do not hesitate to contact your assigned School Counselor!

Multicultural Dance Showcase

Get your dance shoes ready! The Diversity Commission will be hosting a Multicultural Dance Showcase on Wednesday, March 27th beginning at 6pm in the Ramapo cafeteria. The evening will feature dance performances and instruction from Irish Step Dancers, a Hip Hop Artist and Bollywood Dancer. Food donations from area restaurants will reflect the multicultural theme of the evening. Students involved in the World Language clubs have been asked to donate desserts to enjoy.

Special thanks to Ms. Sporn for securing the dance artists, student members of the Diversity Commission for soliciting food donations, Advisors of the World Language Clubs, and the APTS for supporting this endeavor. Senior Justin Remo used his impressive artistic skills to design the flyer for this special event.

The cost of admission is $5 which will be directed to future events organized by the Diversity Commission. Students from both Ramapo and Indian Hills High Schools and the area middle schools are invited to attend.

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Ramapo High School Career Fair

Mrs. Dargento is organizing the inaugural Ramapo High School Career Fair during lunch periods on Friday, March 29, 2019 from 10am-1pm. In joining together students and industry leaders, the goal is to provide an opportunity to introduce various career pathways. A secondary goal for this event is to establish connections with businesses and leaders that may create potential partnerships with local businesses to support internships and career speakers. If you are available to join us, please email Mrs. Dargento ( to reserve a table. This is an interdisciplinary endeavor involving Mrs. Dargento, the Guidance Department and student organizations.

Celebrating Black History Month

The Ramapo Diversity Commission hosted Mr. Reggie Walker as guest speaker celebrating Black History Month on February 28th. A Trenton native, Mr. Walker works as an academic counselor for the Educational Opportunity Fund Program at Montclair State University where he also serves as a professor. At Montclair State he also coordinates the EOF Male Leadership Academy, the Turning Point Academic Empowerment Program and Academic Launch Program

In addition to his work in higher education, Mr. Walker is an author and playwright, having released two chapbooks of poetry and his play 1960-Black has been in production since 2010. He describes his play as follows: The play is called 1960-Black and it’s a look at the Civil Rights Movement through each year of the 1960s highlighting significant events from that specific year that not only affected black people but people in general. Everyone knows about the March on Washington, but what about Bloody Sunday? Or what about Loving v Virginia which outlawed miscegenation laws/statues in 1967? Furthermore, the play looks at how these events affected the lives of ordinary citizens, people whom we would never hear or know about it. Mr. Walker applied this same theme to his presentation reflecting on significant Black figures that have influenced history but are not often discussed in school curriculum. Mr. Walker encouraged all students to embrace conversations about diversity and take advantage of opportunities to expose yourself to a different culture.

Summer Opportunities

Ms. Katz is organizing summer academic opportunities for students to consider. A display of programs is located within the Guidance Office while a list of programs is also accessible Academic Summer Opportunities Summer programs are based on interest and often mirror camp with an educational focus! Please contact Ms. Katz with any questions regarding the programs listed.