Dear America

"Voyage on the Great Titanic" AUTHOR Ellen Emerson White

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story plot

Exposition: This story is told through diary entries of a woman named Margaret Ann Brady and her experience on the Great Titanic.The story begins in London, England in 1912 .the setting is clearly stated in the journal entries "Thursday ,28 march 1912 ft. Abernathy Orphanage for girls White Chapel London,England" The protagonist is left in an orphanage(white chapel orphanage for girls)by her brother William because he is not ready to take full care for her.(since her dad was killed by falling crates and her mom died of illness William was the only one left besides her)In the orphanage (I am not quite sure why she calls the other people in the orphanage "sister")the other people in the orphanage are:Sister Catherine ,Sister Mary Gregoria,(for some reason this little girl has no "Sister"in front of her name)Nora,Sister Eulalia,and another little girl named shirley there are many more people in the book that you will see later on .

rising action:Sister Catherine takes Margaret to a dinner (it seems to be anyway)to meet Mrs.Carstairs.(one of the characters I said you would see)Mrs.Carstairs ends up liking her ,and so Mrs.Carstairs decides to take her along on her trip back to America (she is American) on yup you guest it the Great Titanic!.when she boards the Great titanic some officers greet them then she meets "Robert"(that's all I could find of his name oh and he's a steward)the young man leads Mrs.Carstairs and Margaret to their rooms on c deck. her room has:a washbasin,bed side heater ,wardrobe,a button to push for immediate service (her room is a state room ,smaller than Mrs.Carstairs ).soon many days later she says that Queenstown will be our last chance to send letters,and that the letter will get there after she gets there!.another many days pass and they anchor in Ireland (the place where her dad was born)she says she wishes that her mom and dad were right next to her.when they were anchored she said that merchants got on board to make a quick profit she also mentioned that the merchants had the most beautiful china ,lace ,and linen.she also said that she went up to A deck to listen to the five man orchestra. she also learns a completely new vocabulary like port is left starboard is right ,and bow is the front of the ship.she has also learned that you should never ever call the Titanic a boat it is a ship ,and the Titanic is a she. later she arrived at the pool to observe people and noticed the Turkish bath, the postal office, and the first class maids,and valets .next she meets the "very fit" Mc Cawley (he observes the gym. yes the Titanic was on of the first ships to have a gym).now a few pages later she said she enjoys her morning routine of having tea and scones ,and she asks Robert how it feels to be in steerage (where the workers rooms)Robert replies with oh quite comfortable.Robert gives her a copy of the Atlantic Daily Bulletin that says the amount they have traveled ,and they are expected to dock in New York on Wednesday morning . she says that she hopes William will be waiting for her in new York. later she arrives at the promenade a man named Colonel Astor stopped her to admire Florence Margaret says that"he had his own dog in tow and I asked him what his name was he said kitty"(wow there is a lot of irony there)then they went to cafe parisien where they had tea (instead of the lounge)apparently the room has a more airy feel as well more more elegant.she said she studied french but not enough to read the menu in confidence .and she said the eggs had a slippery feel ,and she tried the caviar they had a salty very strong flavor .later she says she does not know how Mrs.carstairs can eat so much ,and that she was over stuffed she did have the excuse to walk Florence . later she said she went to a religious service in the dinning salon ,and that the service was lead by the captain. (E.J Smith )( just a little fun fact did you know that the Titanic had its own book of prayers)Now she says that they will arrive at New York on Tuesday she a man on the ship if it is true ,and if the rumors of the ice berg ahead are true as well she said most of the questions where dodged so her table mates moved to compliments, and complaints.later that day her and Mrs.carstairs dressed for dinner Mrs.carstairs put on her jewels ,and Mrs.carstairs gave her some gloves that reached her elbows!.then they walked