risk tears for one beer

effects of drinking

When drinking your vision gets fuzzy.you may have trouble adjusting to lights.your pupils may become small.causing your eyes to get blood shot red.

hurting the body

If your drinking is bad and you continue to drink heavily you could be bettering your chances of kidney failure.drinking also damages your hearing say you were to put a blind fold on and some one was to talk right in front of you , you wouldn't be able to tell where it was coming from

strange acting

When people drink allot in one night they will act in a strange way.this strange way of acting is called (impulsive).

weak muscles

Too much alcohol over a long period of time may make muscles weaken. They can be painful and move on there own.

the liver

If you alcohol to quickly your liver wont be to break it down into acetic acid fast enough for your body to get rid of.

when some one isn't drinking

When someone is not under the influence of drinking it is called being sober.

slowing down

When a person drinks allot they can slow down or stop a bodily function this is called suppresing


When someone absorbs a large amount of alcohol they have to swallow a thick liquid called charcoal.
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