Karley Ferreira

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A man named Gugliemo Marconi first invented the radio in 1895. He was sitting in his attic experimenting with radio waves and the morse code.

Radios work by changing sounds or signals into radio waves, which travel through air, space, and solid objects, and the radio receiver changes them back into the sounds, words, and music we hear.


  1. When people play the music they like, it is moved to other people. On the radio you have several different channels, most of them playing different music.
  2. The news can be delivered faster. In WWII, people received information about the war through their radios.
  3. Since the radio is full of talk shows, people that listen to the talk shows are moved by what they are listening to.
  4. They make communication between truck drivers, police officers, and pilots easier, they help spread information quickly.
  5. The idea of the radio moved people so much that they started inventing their own things off of it, such as ipods or anything wireless.