7th Grade Health

Periods 1 & 2

Week 7

Welcome to Week 7 of our Health Class!!! We only have a couple of weeks left!

Tobacco PSA's

For the past week, students have been working very hard on their group projects, Tobacco PSA's! I've seen the final copies of most of them and they look very good!!! Hopefully, I can post a couple in next week's newsletter so you can also see the great work that was done!
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This week, I'll be updating the gradebook with a couple of major grades that include the Nutrition test and the Tobacco PSA. We will also have one or two smaller classwork assignments that will be added in as well.
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This Week...

We will spend the rest of this week wrapping up tobacco with a few items that weren't covered in the projects, but still important for students to know. Some of those items include short-term and long-term effects of tobacco use on the various body systems.

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