A Road Less Traveled...

How I'll get from here to there.

A School Librarian?

I also had the options to chose social worker, pharmacist, or librarian for my career choice.

A social worker works to help people have the best life possible and deal with some really tricky situations. I don't think I would like this because it would be a really emotional job and I tend to be sensitive to the suffering of other people. I think it would be too sad for me.

Pharmacists help people use medicine efficiently. I don't think I would like this job because I don't like taking medicine or being around sick people.

I never thought being a school librarian would be right for me, but it turns out school librarians use a lot of interpersonal skills, technology skills, and critical thinking. These are all some of my strongest assets and I'd love to get to use them every day!

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What's it take?

It takes a 4 year undergraduate degree, a Master of Library Information Science degree, and a teaching certificate to become a school librarian.

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Off to College!

Wednesday, Aug. 10th 2016 at 9pm to Friday, May 22nd 2020 at 11pm

4200 Fifth Avenue

Pittsburgh, PA

I will go to Pitt because I want a large, urban campus that is still close to my parents. It doesn't matter as much what my undergraduate major is because I will be getting a Master's degree in a field that doesn't require a particular undergrad major.

The Math

In-state undergrad tuition at Pitt with room and board and all fees: $33,960

For four years, total: $135,840

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Undergraduate Degree: $135,840

Grad School!

I plan to go to Pitt for my Master of Library and Information science as well because it is ranked within the top 10 programs in the US and it'll be easy to transition in from my undergrad. I am hoping to decrease the amount I owe by working during my time in grad school.

I will specialize in school library programs, which includes getting my teaching certificate. The whole program takes 4 semesters.

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The Math

1 semester in-state graduate tuition: $11,434

4 semesters in-state graduate tuition: $45,736

1.5 years living expenses: $20,000

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Graduate Degree: $65,736

Total Loans taken for education: $201,756

The Job Market

Upon graduation, the job market looks okay. The market rose at 2% in 2014, creating 2,700 jobs. This is a little lower that the national average, but atleast it's growing.

The average starting wage in the field is $35,540. I'm am hoping to stay in the Pittsburgh region. This may mean a salary on the lower end of the scale, but Pittsburgh is inexpensive to live in so that's a good thing.

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