Mrs. Dearmon's Rockin' Fourth Grade

Week of November 16th - 20th

Important Updates

  • Report cards went home on Friday. Please sign and return it with the envelope. You will receive a copy.
  • There is a spirit day on Wednesday. Students can wear their sports jerseys.
  • There will be a morning review Monday morning for the science test at 7:45 in my classroom. Test is on Monday!!!!
  • The science review packet given last Wednesday, will be due tomorrow!!!

What is Going on This Week in Curriculum?


Mrs. Dearmon's Math Class

  • Monday we continue working on decimals by comparing them up to the hundredths place.
  • Tuesday we will explore the thousandths place in decimals.
  • Wednesday we talk about the value of the digit in place value including decimal value.
  • Thursday we will be ordering decimals from least to greatest/greatest to least. The students will be using the "line up the decimal" strategy to help with this.
  • Friday is a quiz on decimals including comparing, ordering, and writing decimals up to the thousandths place.

Mrs. Dawson's Math Class

  • We have finished our unit on decimals (test was last Friday) and will be using this week to review.
  • Two weeks ago, we took the 1st nine weeks math benchmark. This is a great indicator of what the students know well from the 1st nine weeks and what we still need to review. On Monday, we will go over the top missed questions on the test as well as any other questions that the students want to go over.
  • Tuesday through Friday, we will spend reviewing each concept area from the first nine weeks (patterns, place value, fractions, graphing, multiples/factors, etc.)

Reader's Workshop

  • Small groups will be finishing up on context clues this week and reading a non-fiction book on Jamestown. We will be working on finding the main idea and supporting details of different sections.
  • Homework is to read 20 minutes every night.
  • There will be a newspaper and Spectrum sheet this week.

Writer's Workshop

  • This week we will continue working on using a "storyteller" voice to bring a "seed" moment alive, using sensory words to "show, not tell" what is going on, and how to use inner thoughts.


  • The test on the entire weather unit will be TOMORROW, Monday, November 16th. I know it is a Monday, but I need to keep on moving.
  • I posted weather powerpoint review that I used on Friday in class.
  • The review packet given on Wednesday, will be due on Monday, the day of the test. It will be graded, so I encouraged the students to use their notes and you are welcome to help.
  • I will have a morning review for the science test tomorrow, Monday, November 16th at 7:45.

Virginia Studies

  • The students are back to Mrs. Keller and social studies on Thursday. They will begin VS 3, which is the study of Jamestown, the first permanent English settlement.
  • They will begin with the reasons why the English wanted to start a new colony, the charters of the Virginia Company of London, and King James' involvement.
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