The Cellar

By: Natasha Preston


When 16 year old Summer Robinson goes missing one night on the way to a concert. Her family, friends, and boyfriend were devastated. Nothing ever happened in the small town of Long Thorpe. The community wasted no time in starting a search of Summer. The kidnapper Colin Brown has suffered a traumatic and abusive childhood, and is left with no sense of right or wrong. All he wanted was a family as perfect and pure as flowers were.


" Loneliness was like a terminal disease. with every passing day you faded just that little bit more. i had felt as if i were dying for the past four years and i'd had enough."

I think this quote shows the mood of the story. It almost seems as if the mood is gloomy and depressed.

Reviewer Quote

"The Cellar was an enthralling, quick read, but it didn’t feel completely polished in places, but the idea, and most of the execution was very well done."