September Monthly Memo

JBE 4th Grade

Fresh Start

What a great first few weeks of school! The hum of learning has already filled the classrooms on the hall. Students and teachers are getting to know each other, and learning how we do things in 4th grade. Talk to your child about the rules and Essential Agreements for the classroom and common areas of the school. They helped create these agreements, so everyone can cooperate and learn together.


As part of the district's digital "push", we will be using iPads and computers a lot this year--especially Edmodo. This is a wonderful site that allows teachers, students, and parents to communicate online in a safe environment. Students will be able to take online tests, turn in work created on iPad apps, respond to discussions, and much more! We will be using this in class, but some students may want to log on at home to visit a website used in class. We have already discussed the rules regarding Edmodo, and students are aware that activity will be closely monitored.


Field Trip letters went home in Thursday Folders along with a payment schedule. The trip costs $148 and includes several educational activities relating to our standards as well as lunch and dinner. If any parent is interested in chaperoning the trip on Friday, December 6th, please contact your child's teacher in writing. The cost of the field trip for parents is the same for students. If you choose for your child not to go, we will plan a fun-filled day at school.


Safety is JBE's number one priority. For this reason it is important that all dismissal changes be communicated to your child's teacher in writing. Also, if your child has a sibling in K or 1st, he/she will still be dismissed in the K/1st car loop--even if the younger sibling is absent.


Part of your child growing as a reader means that he/she is reading on-level books cover to cover. Your child should be reading at least 20 minutes each night and finishing at least one book per month. Small reading homework assignments will be given most nights to practice whatever skill we are working on in class. These assignments can usually be completed on a sticky note or small piece of paper. In addition, monthly reading projects will be assigned. Your child will have the assignment at the beginning of each month, so quality work and commitment is expected.

Important Dates:

Monday, September 2 Labor Day Holiday

Thursday, September 12 Progress Reports

Thursday, September 12 BIG Multiplication Test

September 16-20 Book Fair

Tuesday, September 17 HERO Reading Night

Thursday, September 19 First Charleston Payment Due ($50)