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It's the Beginning of the Month - Let's Talk About Goals....

Before we dive into goals. I want you to think about your VISION. What would you like your life to look like in a year?

  • Your Business
  • Your Family
  • Your Health
  • Your Finances

Create a very clear picture of what you do want, decide how it would look, sound, and feel to have it, and then start moving toward that goal, the action is motivated by a completely different feeling and picture. It feels good to move in a positive direction toward something that you want. That makes the actions you take much easier.

What is your Why?

You don't even have to have one "why". You could have several. Your why could be to make more money. Your why could be to have something for yourself. It can be any thing or things that motivate you. (PS - Your why is not your goal....)

Break down your big goal into attainable smaller goals.

Do you have an immediate goal to pay for your daughter's dance class? Your son's baseball league? Pay off a few bills? Earn Start Counting incentives?

These are some great immediate goals to shoot for. Your bigger goals could be financial or personal. Only you know what they are. But you need to figure them out so that you stay motivated!

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How are you going to meet your goals?

Reverse engineer your goals. Figure out what you need to do in a month to make it happen. Use the goal tracker to do this. You can either download it and print it if you like to handwrite your goals, or you can download the PDF and fill it out on your computer. If you have been working your business for a while, know your averages. What is your average social, your average one on one, or product drop off? This will tell you how many you need to book.

Early in the month activity is the KEY. There is nothing worse than scrambling at the end fo the month trying to make your goal. Trust me, dialing for dollars, while effective, is never fun.

Focus on the basics:

  • One on Ones
  • Socials
  • Drop Offs
  • Recruits
  • Band of Beauty Members

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Write down your goals where you see them everyday.

I know this sounds crazy, but when I write down my goals, I usually hit them or come very close to it. I write my big monthly goal in my planner and then I write down the smaller things I need to do that month to get there. It really is about positive thinking and mindset. (Plus, I like printing things in colored ink in my planner....)
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