Books that Tumble

EDU 214

Books Review

Tumblebooks is a great website for children, teens, and adults who love to read. There are many titles and activities within the books that make learning fun! The books are animated and are fun to view. They are great for schools districts, teachers, and home use. For a beginner reader, this makes reading a ton of fun. The books are interactive and animated.

Anytime, anywhere- literally!

With Tumblebooks, you can also listen audiobooks. These audiobooks also have the option for audiobooks, which you can listen to anytime, anywhere.

Books to fill your noggin.

An example of a book.

Abra Cadabra and the tooth witch

Strengths and Limitations


  • Play games and quizzes that associate with the book
  • Create fun lesson plans
  • Animated, talking picture books
  • New books every so often
  • Bonus collection


  • Pay $599/year for use.
  • Small trial for unlimited access

Implementation in the Classroom

I would use Tumblebooks in my classroom for reading assignments. Every night, I will assign a 5 minute reading of their choice and have them take the mini quiz to see if they have read the book for attendance points.