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A brief description of Democracy….

Democracy is when citizens are involved with the government. They can vote and run for office and help create laws.

Who is the head of this type of government?

Citizens hold the political power but, elected officials run the government. In the United States the head of the government is the President. Elected officials are chosen by majority vote. The President has the power to veto laws.

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How are laws made in Democracy?

In the United States some laws were made by the Constitution.

Today citizens come up with laws they want and then the proposed laws go out to vote.

Some laws may pass unless the President vetoes the laws.

What rights do citizens have and can they vote?

Some of the rights that citizens have are the right to vote, right to bare arms, freedom of speech, right to assemble, and freedom of religion

Countries that have Democracy.

United States, France, Japan, and Great Britain