Maite Perroni

a famous Mexican actress

Maite Perroni

She is a Model, Singer, Actress, and a songwritter

How she started acting

when she was a teenager she auditioned for acting and she made it she acted in a mexican-tv show. When she first began she was in a novela called Rebelde way she portrayed guadalupe "Lupita" Fernandez.


When Maite was named the queen of telenovelas by univision

In 2009, Maite Perroni was very nervouse when she was at the Grammy's she thought she was going to get like 2 or 3 trophies but she got one even more valuable. Maite was named the queen of Telenovelas (a tv show) by univision.

Breast Cancer

Maite perroni is secretly battleing a dealy disease. Maite perroni is fighting breast cancer.

She was diagnosed in 2010. Now she is making a comercial to all women to stay healthy and to take care of their bodies.

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This is a picutre when she was accepting the award at the grammys