Français 1

elearning day

des heures du bureau - elles sont virtuelles

That's right, as you read in the title. I will be doing virtual hours.

mercredi, le 18 mai 4pm-6pm

samedi, le 20 mai 11 am-1pm

des objectifs

1. Students will increase listening skills.

2. Students will be able to order in a restaurant.

3. Students will be able to talk about past events.


[5 min]

Don't let this happen to you! Know your vocabulary and culture.

Mr. Bean - you will have to log into Edpuzzle to view this. Remember, you signed in through your Google account.

enseignement 1

[5 min]

Watch the video. Please make sure you can hear me and understand me.


[10 min]

Answer the questions based on the video of Elsa and Doc at the restaurant.

enseignement 2

[10 min]

Watch the video reviewing the formation of the passé composé with regular verbs, make sure you have notes and they are CORRECT.


[20 min]

Complete the form, it is autograded, so just give the correct form of avoir and you do not need to use accents, since all devices can't use them in forms, I won't require them.

That means that autograde has no accents.

évalutation 2

[30 min]

Since your test over the regular passé composé is Friday, May 20, please go log on to Conjuguemos and practice. Student zone assignment 1. Do 40. Each set of 10 that you do extra is a bonus point as long as they are done by May 20.

de plus

Your final exam is May 26. Please make sure you know your vocabulary. Study the Quizlet sets