Grobe's Groovin' Group News

Week of September 9-13

So Impressed!

I am truly impressed with my 42 kiddos this year! Transitioning into the 4th grade is not always easy but this group is doing fabulous! There are still a few growing pains that we are working on (transitioning and switching classes, staying focused as we move rapidly through curriculum, and being held accountable AT ALL TIMES) but all in all I am seeing really great things! Thank you for all you are doing at home to help our students be as successful as possible!

Many Blessings,

Destine' Grobe

College Pride Week!

It is so important to start talking to your kids NOW about college and that is why I am so excited about college week! Every day we will talk about why college is important and I will share some stories and information about my alma maters! I would love for as many students to participate as possible in each day's activities!

Monday: wear a college team hat to school

Tuesday: wear running shoes (because we should always be running towards education)

Wednesday: wear your favorite college shirt or jersey! (Tip: Mrs. Grobe went to the University of Texas and LeTourneau University!!)

Thursday: dress in your teacher's college colors (undergraduate @ UT= burnt orange and white and graduate school @ LeTourneau= royal blue and gold)

Friday: wear a McGowen spirit shirt to show we are dedicated to school now and in the future!

Our Field Trip is Coming! WooHoo

Don't forget that our field trip to the Dallas Museum of Art is Tuesday, September 17!


4th grade will be the first ones to take pictures that morning and I am sure the majority of you do not want pictures in their McGowen shirts! If this is the case, please make sure you have their McGowen shirt packed and ready to slip on as soon as they have smiled pretty for the camera! And walking shoes are a priority this day too!

Field Trip Details:

Cost: $2 for students & parents are FREE!

Volunteers: I would like several volunteers for this day! Please let me or Mrs. Martellaro know if you can accompany us this day to help!

Departing from McGowen: 9:30

Returning to campus: 2:00

Lunch: MUST bring a sack lunch that is totally disposable

Upcoming Events and Learning Objectives

Monday 9: Grandparents Week- invite your grandparents to eat lunch with you any day this week!

Tuesday 10: PTA Board Meeting @ 6:30

Thursday 12: Cookie Dough Money Due

Tuesday 17: PICTURE DAY, FIELD TRIP, & Chick-fil-A Night

Learning Objectives:

I will…..

Reading: demonstrate what good readers do (ask questions, visualize, predict, and summarize) as we finish our novel, The One and Only Ivan.

Writing: review and write adjectives in my writing.

Social Studies: know the different regions in Texas.