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Dec. 2018

We are beyond excited to present to you the first ever Teaching with Tech Newsletter! In this newsletter, we will share tech tools, tips, and news that will help you enhance your instruction and our students’ learning. If you come across anything that you would like for us to share with everyone please send it our way. You can find our contact info at the bottom of the newsletter.

What Skills Do Our Students Need?

In the video below, Eric Curts from Control Alt Achieve talks about the skills our students will need in order to be successful in the 21st century and why. Check out the video to find out!
The 4 C's of Education

Excellent EdTech Educator

Each month we are going to turn the spotlight on an educator in DeKalb County Schools that is doing some really amazing stuff with technology to enhance their students' learning.

This month our spotlight shines brightly on Haley Harbor.

Big picture

Haley, tell us a little about yourself. How long have you been teaching, what do you teach, etc?
Well, I am a second-grade teacher at Crossville Elementary School. I have been teaching second grade for 5 years. I graduated from Crossville High School in 2009 and then I attended Auburn University, where I received a degree in Early Childhood Education. After graduating from Auburn I was so excited to have the opportunity to come back home to my hometown and teach.

What is your favorite tech tool and why?

The tool I probably use the most would be Nearpod. I love how I can take my whole group and small group instruction and turn it into an interactive presentation. In Nearpod, I use the fill in the blank feature to work on vocabulary, the virtual field trips to build background knowledge, and I use the open-ended question feature to challenge my students to recall information about a story we have read or subject we are discussing.

How have you been able to use technology to impact your students?
I have found that by using technology in the classroom my students are more engaged and interested in the learning process. When students are engaged they have better knowledge retention.

Awesome! Okay, random questions about yourself. What is your favorite food?

I would have to say crab meat is probably my all-time favorite food. I love crab legs, crab alfredo, or even crab cakes.

Alabama or Auburn?
Easiest question of all, Auburn all the way! War Eagle!!

Random weird fact about yourself…

That is tough… I guess a quirk about me is I’m obsessed with big comfy blankets and throws. I have to be covered up at all times. At home, it can be 90 degrees out and I want to be covered up under a big blanket. I drive my husband crazy with how many throws I keep in our living room.

Thanks Haley! Keep up the good work.

Top-Notch Tech Tool

Belouga is an educational service that allows classrooms from all over the world to connect to one another. What better way for students to learn about a certain culture than to interact with others from that culture! It is completely free for teachers and students to use too!

Also, as students learn and interact with the Belouga platform they earn points. These points can then be donated to Impact Campaigns. Impact Campaigns help meet the various educational needs of students in lesser developed regions of the world. Students can learn and make a difference in others' lives at the same time! How awesome is that?!?!

If you are interested in learning more about Belouga, please let one of your Technology Integration Specialist know... we would love to help you get started!


"We're building a global ecosystem where students and teachers can connect, collaborate and learn from one another by identifying similarities and embracing differences through everyday communication that is fun and educational."

Build your PLN & Share Student Work

Twitter is a great place to build your professional learning network (PLN)! Why do I need a PLN??? Having a strong PLN allows you to find and share lessons, ideas, resources, and inspiration.

In addition to building your PLN, you can use Twitter to share the amazing things your students are doing. Use #dcsaltech to show off your students using technology. It will inspire other teachers and show the students a little love too!!!

Tech Integration Specialist

Abbey Thomas

Abbey serves as the Technology Integration Specialist for Henagar, Ider, Moon Lake, Plainview, Ruhama, Sylvania, and Valley Head.

Rob Hullett

Rob serves as the Technology Integration Specialist for Crossville, Collinsville, Fyffe, and Geraldine.

If you have any questions or needs please don't hesitate to contact us!