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Tomball ISD - Where we focus on the Social-Emotional well-being of our staff, students, and families, High-Quality Instruction, and Collaboration to ensure learning for all of our Tomball ISD students.


Mission: Decker Prairie Elementary is dedicated to high levels of learning for all.

Vision: We will create an environment where everyone takes risks and collaborate respectfully through innovative learning.


5/26 End of Year Parties - See important party information below.

  • PreK 11:30-12:15
  • Kindergarten 10:30-11:15
  • 1st Grade 10:30-11:15
  • 2nd Grade 10:30-11:15
  • 3rd Grade 11:30-12:15
  • 4th Grade 11:30-12:15



We are currently at 94%!!!

Let's keep it going ALL THE WAY to the end of the year and increase our attendance rate!

Attendance = Increase in Academics

Help your student be to school EACH DAY and ON TIME.

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Class Contest: 100 % Library Books Returned

It is that time of year in which our library books are due back for inventory. The top 10 classes that return their books (or paid for any lost ones) wins a special surprise the last week of school. So far we have the following winning classes:

  1. PK: Ms. Wade's class
  2. ECSE: Ms. Fail's class
  3. 2nd grade: Ms. Short's class
  4. PK: Ms. Yarson's class
  5. Dev: Ms. Briley's class
  6. K: Ms. Franklin's class
  7. 4th: Ms. Caudill's class

Questions about Yearbooks?


Dear Decker Families,

What an amazing year it has been! We are ready to celebrate!

We are getting ready for our End of Year parties and can't wait to see you again. In order to ensure our success, we want to review our procedures before we get started.

We would appreciate it if you reviewed these now to help everything run as smoothly as possible.


  1. PARTY FAVORS / GOOD BAGS- Only pre-wrapped, store-bought treats may be supplied. Ex. Little Debbie's, Rice Krispie treats, Candy. NO HOMEMADE items to students.

  2. Due to limited space in the building and parking as well as an increase in enrollment/numbers and an increase in participation in event turn-out, we are asking families to limit guests to 1 per student and no siblings.

  3. **IDENTIFICATION REQUIRED** FOR ALL VISITORS- for entry into the building - this includes, grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc.

  4. **TRANSPORTATION CHANGE** - Any transportation change needs to be communicated in writing. Please send a note with your student and identifying information. (teacher, grade, date and parent or guardian)

  5. If checking out early during party times, students can be checked out by designated parents/guardians. NOTE - any changes to what we have on file, must be handled prior to the event if the person picking up the student is not listed - they will need to be added as an emergency contact. (More information will be coming to families on this process)

  6. ***Once a student is checked out by the classroom teacher, they will need to leave campus with the parent/guardian. Students checked out will NOT be readmitted and allowed to attend other DPES parties. We appreciate your help and support to prioritize instruction. We encourage all parents to allow students to complete their school day. This applies to Decker Prairie students as well as other TISD students where instruction is still occurring and attendance is expected/required.

  7. If you still have a student who has a party, you may leave your first student with their teacher, notify that teacher you will be back later, and then attend the second party. Upon return to the first child's classroom, the teacher will have his/her things ready and you can continue to sign them out from the classroom.

Some parents may be checking out students early after parties due to early release day. To help with parking, our staff on this day will do our best to move our vehicles to one lane in the car rider line to help with parking and congestion. We will also be moving our cars to non-designated parking areas so that you have designated parking areas open as much as possible. We ask that you do not block other cars in case of emergencies and be cognizant of other drivers.

If you are NOT able to park on our property, you will most likely be parking in the nearby neighborhood. Please be mindful of those residents and do not block driveways, street signs noting “no parking” (as you may be towed), mailboxes or fire hydrants.

  • PTO volunteers must check-in and receive PTO lanyards prior to volunteering.

  • Homeroom Parents who are helping to set up may arrive and go down to the classroom up to 30 minutes before the party start time. (Designated 2 per classroom) Homeroom Parents will receive a badge designating volunteer position during this time.

All other visitors will check-in at the front doors and receive a wristband once ID’d. Once the party time begins, parents will be given the green light to proceed to classrooms.

Parties - Homeroom parents will be coordinating ice cream treats and activities with party pre-pay money and/or parent donations. Please let your teacher know if there are any allergies to anything not on file at this time.

Following the final party end time, the car rider gate will be opened for end-of-day dismissal. Please note that only the inside lane will be open. (The Left lane will be full of employee cars, as we will not have time to remove them prior to dismissal. We do anticipate that the car rider line will be less than usual. We appreciate your support and cooperation with this as we accommodate a large number of visitors.

Interested in Joining the PTO - Click HERE!

Link to Google Doc for people interested in joining PTO

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Congratulations to our A+ students!

  • 4th Grade - Caelin Hall
  • 3rd Grade - Micah Ogbunuju
  • 2nd Grade - Haley Kaspar
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2022-2023 School Year Registration

ALL REGISTRATION IS DONE ONLINE (*Some part of registration may require students to be assessed on campus - your registrar will be in contact with you if that is necessary.)

March 4th

Kinder Regisration

Two-Way Dual Language Registration/Application (provided at Rosehill Elementary Campus)

March 21st

NEW TISD Student Enrollment for 2022-23 School Year

April 4th

PreK Registration

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Tomball Intermediate School Invites Incoming 5th Graders

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Please let us know if your family needs support!

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PE Parent Letter

Please check out the latest PE Parent Letter



Assigned alpha days are as follows:

April Schedule:

Monday: Student Last Name A thru F

Tuesday: Student Last Name G thru L

Wednesday: Student Last Name M thru O

Thursday: Student Last Name P thru Z

Friday: Student Last Name M thru O

(May will be P-Z)

Assigned lunch visitors will be divided over 4 days, Monday through Thursday, with Friday’s rotating each month for an assigned alpha. (Based on campus numbers and spread in the alphabet)

Visitors ARE REQUIRED to be listed as an emergency contact if not accompanied by a parent/guardian. Identification IS REQUIRED to enter any TISD building.



All school volunteers must complete a volunteer application.



We are NOT allowing birthday cupcakes.

If you are interested in sending a birthday treat, please a Pre-wrapped/Store-bought items to share.

Ex. Litte Debbie, Ding-Dongs, Twinkies, etc.

How to log into Lexia:

  • Go to the DPES homepage at
  • Click Academics
  • Click ClassLink
  • Login with username (student 6-digit lunch#/ID#) and password (tisd+8-digit birthdate)
  • Ex: 123456, tisd01012011
  • Click the Lexia Core5 icon
  • Click login with Google
  • Enter email (student 6-digit lunch#/ and password (tisd+8-digit birthdate)
  • Ex:, tisd01012011
  • Lexia Core5 will then open.
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Math Fact Fluency

Mastering basic facts is essential to being proficient mathematicians. Below is more information about the importance of fact fluency.

*What is fact fluency?*

Math fact fluency, or the ability for students to recall basic math facts quickly, accurately, and effortlessly, is an essential component of students’ math knowledge. It would take you ages to write a paper if you had to look up the spelling of each individual word. In the same way, lack of fact fluency can slow down students’ processing of more complex math problems and situations.

*How do we build fact fluency?*

It is important to realize that fact fluency is not just memorizing the basic facts. It is building students’ conceptual understanding of the basic math facts, rather than focusing solely on memorization. We encourage children to focus on looking for patterns and relationships between the facts, building on and connecting to what facts they already know (for example, if students know 5+5=10, then 5+6= one more than ten, or 11). This conceptual framework anchors students’ recall in meaning. In other words, students are making meaningful connections that make remembering the facts easier.

*What can you to help?*

Students should practice math facts at home. This extra practice helps the brain transition facts from short-term memory into long-term storage. Practicing can be as easy as creating and using flashcards or quizzing your child in the car on the way to school or while cooking dinner. They could also do the Fact Practice in Freckle. In addition, a quick internet search will provide tons of great websites and apps that provide practice opportunities.

Please reach out to your classroom teacher or Mrs. Finney if you have any questions about how to help your child master their facts.

DPES Problem Solving Model

The campus utilizes a problem solving model that encourages students to paraphrase and visualize actions happening in word problems. We promote using models such as pictures/drawings or strip diagrams to support visualization.

Here are examples to familiarize yourself with our model. If you have questions or would like additional support, please reach out to Mrs. Finney at

IMAGINE MATH - Math at Home

Below you will find steps on how to access Imagine Math from tablets and computers.

  1. Go to the DPES homepage at

  2. Click Academics

  3. Click ClassLink

  4. Login with username (student 6-digit lunch#/ID#) and password (tisd+8-digit birthdate)

Ex: 123456, tisd01012011

  1. Click the Imagine Math icon

  2. Enter email (student 6-digit lunch#/ and password (tisd+8-digit birthdate)

Ex:, tisd01012011

  1. Imagine Math will then open.

Do you want to be a Watch Dog?

WATCH D.O.G.S. is one of the nation’s largest and most respected school-based, family, and community engagement, organizations in the country. Since the program’s creation in 1998, more than 6,800 schools across the country have launched a WATCH D.O.G.S. program of their own. Each school year hundreds of thousands of fathers and father-figures make a positive impact on millions of children by volunteering millions of hours in their local schools through this amazing one-of-a-kind program.


  • Link to sign up - BE sure to have your VOLUNTEER BACKGROUND CHECK approved through the district volunteer background check prior to your visit to ensure you are cleared for this school year's visits.
  • Please check in with Mrs. Watson prior to signing up more than once. This may be allowed when Watchdog attendance is down.





If your child will require medication administration during school hours, please note that all prescriptions must have a written/signed order from a medical doctor licensed in the state of Texas. Medication will not be administered without the correct documents.

Please contact the clinic in advance to drop off medication. Students should NOT be sent to school with the medication. Please contact the DPES nurse, Lance Culver, at 281-357-3134 EXT 3006 if you need to schedule a time to present documents and drop off medication for your child.


Isolation and Readmission Criteria for a Positive Lab-Confirmed COVID-19 Student Students who test positive for COVID-19 must enter isolation.

Parents must notify the school nurse if their student is lab-confirmed positive via the District’s online reporting tool.

● Isolation/ Return Criteria- please see most recent guidance sent 1/4/21 to all families in regards to updates

Please refer to the district website for updates,


The district continues to provide tremendous resources available to students, teachers, and parents. Please be sure to check out the link by clicking on the button above.

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3rd-4th grade Asst Principal - Justin Pluckhahn

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