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March: Issue 2

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Watch how Small Molecules is leading Innovation with Quality By Design in the Lean & Innovation Video Series and receive an update from the Periodic SOP Review and Training Improvement Project.

Lean & Innovation At Work: Quality By Design

By Michael Deman

During the ELT meeting in June, it became clear that our people are looking for tangible examples of how we in PDMS are working in a lean way, what the benefits are and how we can connect this to innovation. A communication plan was developed, which included the production of a video series to show clear and tangible examples of lean and innovation at work. To watch video on 'Quality By Design' click here.

SOP Periodic Review Update

By Renée Lozon

First quarter of 2014 has been a busy period for the CSC Process Owner Team. With 33 documents including SOP's, WI's, and Forms up for Periodic Review, there are many updates being made to our documents that will become visible in your training curriculum soon in Compliance Wire. This has been a good way for us to clean up our processes and we have even moved some of these items into obsolete status. This effort hasn't been without its challenges. The implementation of DocSpace in December means that our team members needed to learn a new system for editing documents and creating Change Notifications and we also had to convert our existing documents into the new global DocSpace template which does not allow for tables to be used in the format.

A huge THANK YOU goes out to all CSC Process Owners who have worked diligently to complete their Periodic Reviews this quarter helping us to remain compliant!!

Training Improvement Project

By Dayanna Lopez

The Training Improvement Project is currently in the Define Phase of the DMAIC cycle and on April 7th I will be leading a 2 hour Flawless Project Execution (FPX) Kick-Off with the core team. The project will redesign curriculum for over 177 employees across the CSC organization.

Quick Wins

  • 57 responded to the Training Survey
  • Training reports sent to CSC functional representatives for clean-up of curriculum
  • 36 corrections identified in Compliance Wire for employee placement and curriculum. Changes needed have been sent to Training department for correction.

Bridges Newsletter

The Bridges Program just came out with their first newsletter. If you would like to see what Bridges Associates are working on, click here.

5 Must-Have Tools for a Killer Presentation

Five alternatives to PowerPoint that are sure to impress! Click here to read.

Crochet Club

Debbie Rivers and Leslie Taylor started a club to teach newbies how to crochet. The club is a welcome to those that crochet in their free time. Check out the pictures below from their first gathering.

Interview with Melissa Newmiller

In Melissa Newmiller first Bridges assignment she reported to Debbie Rivers in her role as CSC Quality Improvement Leader. I wanted to follow up with Melissa on her experience in CSC and see what she's up to now.

Question: What was your role and primary responsibilities last year?

Answer: Last year, in my first Bridges rotation, I worked as a CSC Quality Improvement Leader within the Strategic Services & Capabilities group reporting to Debbie Rivers. My primary responsibility was leading the PDMS Global Quality Standards Core Team and Training Team. We focused on deploying and reviewing Enterprise, Global, and Sector standards coming out of JSC. I also supported other CSC-focused projects, including assisting in CAPA resolutions, improving PQMS (Product Quality Management System) reports, improving the availability of audit readiness resources, and mapping data management and archiving practices.

Question: What were your initial impressions of CSC, the team, or the role?

Answer: Coming from an R&D lab, in a very technically-focused role, I was excited and interested to learn about a different area of the company. My initial impressions were that the CSC team is highly efficient and has critical responsibilities to both patients and with respect to the success of the company as a whole. The role itself pushed me outside of my comfort zone because I had not previously worked in a global department, where much of the communication is virtual. This global environment was and continues to be challenging for me, working on building relationships with colleagues from all over the world.

Question: What accomplishment last year are you most proud of?

Answer: I was pleased with the outcome of the Electronic Signatures training, which are now a recorded series on the Process Owner SharePoint site. I partnered with Aniëlla Boogaerts to document the training and promote compliance. The TM&C team was also working to leverage E-signatures capabilities for their TOR forms. When everyone is on board to utilize this process it can greatly improve efficiency and time savings when routing IMPAs and other electronic documents.

Question: Any lessons learned after this rotation, you will be applying as you continue your career?

Answer: I was fortunate to have so many helpful and approachable colleagues in CSC, including having Marissa Cullen, Logistics Manager, as a mentor. Learning from and taking full advantage of the experience and expertise of others is critical to acclimating in a new role. Having people to connect with and learn from on a regular basis is something I found to be very valuable. I will continue to seek out opportunities to partner with people across different functions with the goal of becoming a more effective contributor.

Question: What are you currently working on?
Answer: I am in my second year in the Bridges program and currently working as an Enterprise Portfolio Manager (EPM) in JSC. I am the EPM lead for the Parenterals and Solids Assets portfolios. My team partners closely with global site PPMs (project portfolio managers) and finance to manage the project portfolios work on Business Planning and prioritization of projects. I am also leading the Sweep 8 Project Reporting Sub team, working to standardize and align the PPM process across all of our global sites.

Credo Conversation with Alex Gorsky and Peter Fasolo

Johnson & Johnson CEO and Chairman, Alex Gorsky, and Worldwide President of Human Resources, Peter Fasolo, joined the TEDxJNJ Main Event participants in an conversation about our Credo. TEDxJNJ Curator, Steve Garguilo, facilitated the conversation and asked questions that were submitted by the audience.

I'm Sorry: I Put the Company at Risk

This funny and inspiring TEDxJNJ talk given by Matt Kane speaks on the importance of following through with your ideas. Click here to watch.

Caught Red-Handed

Trooper trying to break free. Too bad for him, I bought him the same harness.
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