Pawmetto Month In Review

Report for June 2012

Site Stats

June saw the highest numbers we have seen for your site. Pawmetto was visited by 579 people for a total of 641 visits, a gain of 8.09% over the month of May. The average time on the site is up over 3%. In all the numbers on the site are up in every category.
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New Visitors

As seen in the pie chart above, the month of June saw a big increase in the amount of new visitors to the site. This means that a lot of the social media efforts and the new site are reaching a new audience. The key is to turn those new visitors into repeat visitors. We will continue to create engaging blog content so the users will keep coming back.
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Social Media

As seen in the graph above, the Facebook interaction throughout June has seen a drastic increase. The most popular posts have been funny pictures of pets, useful links, and blog posts. At the start of the month, the first week reached 73 users. And, as the month continued on, the reach began to grow, as the final week of June reached 696 users.