The Migration of 'The Boat People'

The great story of Refugees from Vietnam

Background Knowledge: The Vietnam War

In 1954, Vietnam was divided into two distinct zones along the 17th Parallel. A communist group covered the Democratic Republic of Vietnam; A.K.A the North. While the Democratic party governed the Republic of Vietnam; A.K.A the South. The whole Country went into war upon the attack of the communist Viet Cong against the South.

Intervening obstacles they faced

  • If they left it would be on a small boat, not capable of surviving storms, and an estimated 10-50% would not survive the treacherous trip across the Sea.
  • Once into the water, Pirates saw them as an opportunity, considering they were carrying many things of value, and no way to defend themselves, they were commonly looted and killed by pirates.
  • Several Countries stopped allowing them into their country. They're reasoning being that the Vietnamese would not contribute to society.
  • If they made it across the sea to their destination, they were put directly into refugee camps, were they would suffer until released by the Government.